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PS 360 Plastic Strap Applicator Tool - Lightweight. Quickly applies Model PS360 seals. Easily tightens and trims seal. Plastic Strap Removal Tool - For use with the PS360 BagGuard Seal and PS360NT Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Seal. Twist Lock Tool - Hand tool to tighten Twist Lock Seals Model TW1.
Coin Bag Seal Press - Used to close, emboss Lead & Cord Coin Bag Seal Models HTCBS and SCBS. 5" Bulldog Seal Press - For use with lead, aluminum seals. Dies blank or engraved. Seal Press Dies - For use with lead and aluminum seals. Dies blank or engraved.
Speedlock Applicator Tools - Hand tool to tighten and trim the tail of Model 6001 Seals. CABLE CUTTER - Cuts wire, wire rope and cable. Designed to cut stranded metal assemblies. 36'' BOLT CUTTER - Heavy-duty bolt cutters to cut bolt locks, rod and chain.
Security seals and tamper evident pull up seals, plastic and metal truck seals, strap seals, shipping seals. Plastic padlocks for utility meters  and truck seals, cable locks. C-TPAT seals printed, numbered and bar coded. Bag and money bag tags and seals, applicator tools, self voiding tapes and tamper evident labels, bolt locks, lead and wire seals. Contact American Casting with your requirements.

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